Finest Sausage Meat Gypsy Salami (1 piece)

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Finest Sausage Meat Ltd. is a member of The Ontario Independent Meat Processors organization, of which Buster Rhino's is also a member.  We have made a commitment to carry more of our members cured meats this year and to share these really tasty products with our fantastic customer base. These products can only be shipped within Ontario. 

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At Finest Sausage and Meat we have been producing salami as long as we have been in business. Back in the 1980s we created a great product known as Gypsy salami. Gypsy Salami is a smaller version of our deli salami, with a smaller diameter and a much smaller mass. When we created this salami it was with the intention of creating a product that could be portion controlled by the purchaser.

We have been creating gypsy salami for so many years that we have a variety of flavours to choose from.

Currently we have three flavours: Fine Gypsy Salami, Coarse Gypsy Salami and Hot Gypsy Salami.

Fine Gypsy Salami is very similar to our Hungarian salami. This mild salami is created using fine ground pork and a blend of white pepper and garlic. This delicious salami has been created like our Hungarian salami, which has proven to be one of our best selling products since day one. At Finest Sausage and Meat we make sure that our Fine Gypsy Salami is wood-smoked and then air dried so that it is ready for your table. This product has been used by families and by businesses since the 1980s and is tremendously flavourful and affordable.

Take it home and use it to create a deli tray for your next event or use it to feed your family. At Finest Sausage and Meat we strive for excellence and we are very confident you will find our Gypsy Salami to be just that, excellent.



My family loves Salami, we devoured this. It will be great on a charcuterie plate