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Are you looking for something special to serve at dinner? Our fully cooked, smoked with real hardwood beef brisket is the perfect fit. Our briskets are slow smoked for 18 hours using real hardwood, our special blend of Carolina Seasoning Salt (750g Food Service Shaker) and amazing Canadian Raised Beef.  These roasts are cut in half and weigh for the smaller ones from 750g to 1.25kg with the avg being around 1kg. The large roasts are all above 1.25 kg's, most about 1.5kg's

Our Beef Brisket roasts are fully cooked, ready to eat. You can choose to eat them hot or cold. If you want to enjoy them cold on a sandwich or on a charcuterie board just thaw out the product and slice to desired size. Rehead the product by placing the pouch of brisket into a put of boiling water for 20 minutes from thawed, and 30 from Frozen,

Perfect with Corn Bread muffins and coleslaw. 

Looking for quick burnt ends, you will need a bottle of our Carolina Seasoning Salt (750g Food Service Shaker) and a bottle of our amazing BBQ Sauce - Championship Mild (355ml Sauce Bag). Open the pouch of brisket (cold), slice into cubes about .75" to 1" , put brisket into a baking pan, put some extra rub on (it's a salty rub, so a little bit goes a long way), and smother in BBQ Sauce. Cook in your oven or smoker for about 1 hour at 250. The longer you cook the product at the more tender your burnt ends will be inside, and more of a shell on the outside.  This recipe should in no way be considered real burnt ends, they are generally reserved for the pit master, they are the slices of product that come from the ends after a long slow cooking cycle. They will mimic a close approximation though. 

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