Our new e-commerce site

Published by Darryl Koster on 2018 Sep 1st

That’s right, we’ve decided to start a blog. Actually let me rephrase that, we are going to try blogging again. Buster Rhino’s has had so much happen over the past several years it’s been almost impossible to keep up. Stores opening, new menu items, new retail items, and so much more. One of the things that has always been a constant is our customers are always curious as to how we are as a company, and individually. Also requested are recipes, videos on how to do things, including BBQ, and where we are heading. Our new blog (not first) will be our attempt to keep you informed and better up to date. I am not sure of the schedule, we will post when each blog comes out through our regular social media posts on facebookinstagramtwitter etc. 

So you ask, then ... what is new? Pork Rinds. Pork rinds are new. Beef Jerky should be in there too, oh, and this site. Let's start with the simplest of those three, the new site. The next blog post will be about those two new products, which are amazing I might add.

Over the last several years e-commerce in Canada has been growing at a rapid pace, although the grocery category wasn’t really that big. Lately though we have been getting more and more customers who have either moved, or stopped into eat while driving by ask if they could get our products online. Buster Rhino’s had an online store about a decade ago, and the whole internet thing is what I did for a living before opening this company. So it was an easy and natural fit for me to get a store up and running, or so I assumed. Not really much has changed in the e-commerce world, it’s selling online. What has changed is the incredible amount of revenue streams you need to be involved with. Amazon, Ebay, Pinterest, Facebook and so many more along with all their revenue streams as well, advertising etc. I was finally able to navigate around and figure it all out and we are now totally set up and ready online. New products are added weekly and will continue to over the next few months. The product line we are really looking forward to rolling out is the fresh grocery; such as pecan pies, cornbread, mac n’ cheese - all things you will be able to purchase for dinner parties etc. Delivered locally. Watch for this in the next couple weeks heading into Thanksgiving. This will include fresh smoked turkey that will be ready to either eat, or heat and serve.

So if there is something you want, or need, or feel is just plain missing from our store, please send us a note and we will do what we can to get it on the site. If you want to help, the easiest thing to do is keep talking about Buster Rhino’s and send people to us. Honestly, the customers we get at Buster Rhino’s are just wonderful, you have done more for our brand than I could have ever accomplished on my own, thank you.