Finest Sausage Meat Landjaeger Mild Sausages (225g, 6 pieces)

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Finest Sausage Meat Ltd. is a member of The Ontario Independent Meat Processors organization, of which Buster Rhino's is also a member.  We have made a commitment to carry more of our members cured meats this year and to share these really tasty products with our fantastic customer base. These products can only be shipped within Ontario. 

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Have you ever tried Landjaeger from Finest Sausage and Meat? Finest Sausage and Meat has created this traditional German snack with flavour and quality in mind. Landjaeger is pork based, smoke meat snack. Landjaeger looks a lot like a beef stick but be sure that it is not. It is lighter in colour than your traditional beef stick and has a distinct rectangular shape. This Finest Sausage and Meat signature product is created and wood-smoked in pairs and dried to give it a very special flavour. Our Landjaeger is created using a blend of fine black pepper, whole mustard seeds and a touch of garlic for that creates a perfect flavour combination.

This smoke pork product is great for camping, as a snack or school or even cut into small portions and served on a deli tray. Landjaeger’s smoky flavour goes well with a cold drink while camping, while watching the game or an after school snack. At Finest Sausage and Meat we have been making Landjaeger as long as we have been in business. This is one of our signature products, which our clients continue to talk about. Find out what all the fuss is about. Come to Finest Sausage and Meat and try some delicious Landjaeger for yourself.



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