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Ketchup Pork Rinds - (40g bag)

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Invented in the 70's, ketchup flavoured chips have long been a classic, quintessentially Canadian flavour. Why they never really caught on with our friends to the South, we'll never understand. Great on potato chips, and just as great on pork rinds. These ones will satisfy all of your ketchupy cravings.

Carbohydrates 0g, Protein 11g, Calories 110, Total Fat 6g, Sugar 0g/ per 20 g serving.

 NOTICE: On April 12th 2019 we changed our formula for our ketchup seasoning. The new seasoning has a much cleaner label, and better overall ingredients. It also has 0 red dye, or dye of any nature that doesn't come naturally from the seasonings being used. We will be changing and updating formula's as time permits. We have updated the nutrition label to reflect the change in seasoning. If you have any questions about this or any other product feel free to click on the chat window in the bottom right of your screen.

 We Proudly Use Ontario Pork


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