Keto BBQ Chicken Kebabs

Keto bbq chicken kebabs


Recipe By: Sugar Free Brie


Get ready for the easiest meal you’ll make all summer! The best part is you don’t have to do any cooking inside. Avoid heating up your house by grilling these mouthwatering chicken kebabs using our Keto friendly, No Sugar Added BBQ Sauces. Use your favourite low carb vegetables and even some cheese for tons of flavour with very little work. Don’t have skewers? This makes for a delicious stir fry too… just chop, season, and grill in a BBQ- safe dish. This Keto BBQ is going to be one for the books!


Yields: 2 Servings


500g (1lb) chicken breast

1 large red pepper

2 jalapenos (de-seeded)

1 portobello mushroom

½ red onion (~60g)

6 cherry tomatoes 

60g feta cheese (or halloumi)

125ml (½ cup) No Sugar Added Mild BBQ Sauce

60ml (¼ cup) No Sugar Added Holy Habanero Sauce

10g (½ tbsp) Carolina Seasoning Salt



Preheat grill to 425 degrees

Cube chicken breasts and marinate in our No Sugar Added BBQ Sauces

Cut vegetables and feta and season with Carolina Seasoning Salt

Skewer chicken, vegetables, and cheese and place on the grill (we recommend a grilling mat to keep any juices from escaping)

Cook for 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked throughout 


*Nutritional Information (For 1 Serving):

Calories: 432

Fat: 11g

Carbohydrates: 11g

Fiber: 2g

Protein: 65g 

* Nutritional information may vary depending on the ingredients used. To obtain the most accurate representation of the nutritional information in any given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe.