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Pork Rinds (112g, 4oz Ready to Pop Microwaveable)

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Pork Rinds are a great quick, snack that can be ready in as little as 5 minutes. Get some ready for the game, for a hike, or as part of a dietary restriction such as Keto these will help fill that craving for crunchy snack foods.

All of our pork rinds are / will be available in all formats (popped, ready to pop, unseasoned, and seasoned).

For a quick snack!
Microwave: Put a paper towel down and place about 8 or 9 small pieces into the microwave, heat on high for 3 minutes paying attention. If they aren't all popped (expanded) by that point put in for another minute. Pork Rinds can be done in as little as two minutes so keep an eye on them. Season and enjoy!

For a larger party!
Oven: Preheat oven to 450 - 500, once heated place a cookie tray that has pork rinds on it into the oven. Within 4-7 minutes they will be done. Season and Enjoy!

At a restaurant or if you have a deep fryer
Deep Fryer: Heat your deep fryer oil (lard is preferred) to between 375 - 400 degrees being careful not to go above the smoking point of your oil. Drop your pork rinds into the oil and about 15 seconds later they will be finished. Take them out, season, enjoy!

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