Pork Rinds

The Ultimate Low-Carb Salty Snack

Buster Rhino's pork rinds make a delicious, crunchy, gluten-free**, high-protein, low-carb snack! Our wide range of flavours provide tasty options for anyone with a salty snack craving, people living with diabetes looking to control carb intake, and those on, or transitioning into, a ketogenic diet*. Enjoy them on their own, with your favorite dip or sauce, or as a substitute for carb-heavy foods in your favourite low-carb recipe. Made from 100% Canadian raised pork, and produced with pride and care in small batches just east of Toronto, we are confident you will love them as much as we do.

*Buster Rhino's pork rinds fit into a keto diet by providing a low-carb snack option. Should some of the seasoning ingredients not fit within your variant of keto, opt for the classic salted option.

**Most pork rind flavours are gluten free, please consult the labels and individual pages where allergens are shown.

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