Reheating Instructions

Packaged Foods Reheating Instructions


Thank you for purchasing Buster Rhino’s Ready to Heat & Eat Meats! Our pre-cooked meat products are made with care and the utmost quality with locally sourced products. Pulled pork and beef brisket are best reheated in a pot of boiling water, however for single serving packages, the microwave is a quick and easy option as well.  For chicken wings, you have a few options, from oven to BBQ to fryer. 

Although our meats are all certified as an RTE product (ready to eat, cold or hot) we suggest you reheat them to an internal temperature of 160F. All of the times selected below are guidelines only. Your times may differ, in some cases significantly from ours. 

All of our meats have a best before date of 1 year from manufacture if kept frozen. When thawed, and kept in a cold fridge they will keep for up to 2 weeks in their original unbroken vacuum packed bag. For wings, packed in their original back 1 week from thawed.



DO NOT CUT OPEN THE VACUUM SEALED BAGS PRIOR TO HEATING. For the stovetop method, bring a pot of water to a rolling boil (212°F), place the vacuum sealed bag (from thawed or frozen) in water for the time recommended in the table below. Please ensure the water returns to a rolling boil before starting the timer. For the microwave method (not recommended for family-sized packages), don’t be alarmed if the bag puffs up … that is totally normal.  

You cannot overheat the meat! Please make sure the internal temperature is at least 160°F. Once reheated, carefully cut open the vacuum sealed bag and remove meat with tongs. Serve with your favourite Buster Rhino’s BBQ sauce!  

Size Method Time (Thawed) Time (Frozen)
114 g / 4 oz Stove Top 3 minutes 5-8 minutes
114 g / 4 oz Microwave 45 seconds not recommended
170 g / 6 oz Stove Top 3 minutes 5-8 minutes
170 g / 6 oz Microwave 45 seconds not recommended
454 g / 16 oz Stove Top 12 minutes 20-25 minutes



Buster Rhino’s Award-Winning Chicken Wings are best reheated from a thawed state. They can be easily reheated in an oven, on a BBQ or in an air fryer.  For ultimate crispiness, deep frying in oil is the best way to get that pub-like experience. Times may vary based on your equipment, please heat until the internal temperature reaches at least 160°F.

Method Time (Thawed)
Deep Fry in 350-375°F oil 2-3 minutes
Bake in 425°F oven Approx. 15 minutes
BBQ on medium-high heat Will vary based on your BBQ
Air fryer Will carry based on your fryer


Our amazing back ribs have several different methods you can use to heat them. 

From Fresh, simply put ribs in their original bag into a pot of boiling water for 25 minutes. Remove, cut open and enjoy with Buster Rhino’s Mild BBQ Sauce.

From Frozen, put frozen ribs in their original bag into a pot of boiling water for 35 minutes. Remove, cut open and enjoy with Buster Rhino’s Mild BBQ Sauce.

Oven, remove from bag and lay down on a baking sheet, pour a small amount of liquid (beer maybe) onto the tray and reheat for 25 minutes from thawed, and 45 minutes from frozen at 375F.

Grill, remove from bag and place on grill, flip every two to three minutes so as not to burn the ribs. When you see bubbling coming consistantly from the ends of the bones (about 20 minutes) the ribs will be reheated.

Microwave, if you must, reheat until warm (sorry, we've never done this).

* If your meat isn't warm enough after reheating placing it on a microwave save dish for 30 - 45 seconds will generally reheat it enough to bring the temperature to 160F